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Maidenform Brands is a manufacturer of women's underwear, founded in 1922 by three people: seamstress Ida Rosenthal; Enid Bissett, who owned the shop that employed her; and Ida's husband, William Rosenthal. They rebelled against the flat-chested designs of the time and instead produced both dresses and support undergarments, particularly bras that accentuated the natural shape of a woman's figure, hence the name Maidenform.

An angry customer said this in a review: "The quality and fabrics they use in Maidenform clothing is garbage. What I bought broke on the first day, don't buy here."


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Bobbie Kehoe says

"After spending far too much time getting an order together, the Maidenform website will not work. I tried Chrome and Edge, neither system worked. I was unable to actually place my order. In seeking help, they have no email contact, chat is not on after hours and the phone service is also not available. I am left frustrated, with no completed order, and such a waste of my time."

NIna Kow says

"Worst customer service. I ordered directly from them for the first time. 9 days later my order is still in processing, no shipment update, etc. I try to contact their customer support team to ask questions and the number doesn't even work for days. Although my order is "stuck in processing", I still can't cancel it. Best part is that if doesn't fit -- it is 6 weeks to process returns. I understand systems are slower due to COVID, but don't blame COVID for your subpar service and communication. Will NEVER order from these guys again."

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